Ciel is a Greek brand. We focus on offering handcrafted, artisanal pieces by partnering with local craftsmen. It is important to us that we use sustainable materials in every capacity possible to ensure that we are not causing harm to any living thing or to our environment.
The designs have been inspired from vintage Haute Couture fashion wear.

I think of myself as more of a creator than a designer. My passion relies on bringing ideas to life and creating new concepts. I have had the privilege to have lived in many different countries which has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation of various cultures and unique styles. 
I have always found people’s personalities fascinating, which is why I like to characterize my designs by not removing any imperfection or flaw.
Having spent several months in Greece has opened my eyes on how much there is to learn about my own country, and in uncovering this I am discovering a variety of essences and old untouched marvels. I try to convey these in some of my sketches.

Christina Livanos